Letting-r-us, You can guarantee a reliable professional service. Richard and his team are very efficient and prioritize their clients needs.
Amy Welch - Busy Bees Cleaning & Maintenance 2000

I am very pleased with the service I have received from lettings-r-us. After having my house on the market for over 3 months with another lettings company, lettings-r-us managed to find me some fantastic tenants in less than 24 hours. The rent and tenants were exactly what I wanted and the staff are very helpful and friendly, I am really satisfied, I would certainly recommend them to any friends looking to become a landlord.
Jo, - Frome Landlady

Many thanks to Lettings-r-us for making my career, life change and move form Andover to Frome smooth and efficient. Setting me up with the place to live and work. Would strongly recommend to anyone else.
Angelica, Nationailty: Romanian - Pleased tenant

Longleat House

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